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A Next-Gen Clean Technology Provider

Novus CleanTech Ltd is a Scottish based company established in May 2020 as a result of the challenges faced by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

We focus on bringing to market novel products and technologies which aim to provide sanitisation and disinfection in an environmentally friendly way. We choose only to work with the most advanced of these technologies and with access to the ability to deliver ongoing product development to serve varied industries.

We wanted our technology to be scientifically tested and we invited the University of West Scotland to partner with us to carry out the research.
They ran a battery of tests on our Ozone technology against E-Coli, Legionnaires amongst others as well as testing against a Coronavirus surrogate, and all results proved highly effective. Our test results verified 99.999% destruction of pathogens.

Go Green – clean with no chemicals – just add cold tap water!

Kills all bacteria and viruses including SARS-COVID-19 – naturally

Turn Water INTO
A Disinfectant

Novus CleanTech Ltd

Novus CleanTech Ltd has the aim of providing the next generation of Clean Technology in the UK and beyond

Oxygen Radical Sprayer

Turns tap water into a
disinfectant. Great for on the go, at home, or the office. Easy to use, handheld, small spray bottle. Standard USB Micro-B connector is used for charging.

Submerged EORG Units

The Submerged EORG units, which vary in size, can disinfect up to 50 litres of water in 5 minutes by generating oxygen radicals and other reactive oxygen species within the water. This in essence converts water into an ecological alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals with the new EORG aqueous ozone technology.

Next-Gen Technology Provider

Safe and Effective Solutions

We provide sustainable, innovative solutions that actively prevent bacteria, mildews, viruses and bad odours. Our solutions destroy any existing pathogens, protozoa, biofilms, moulds and mildew without leaving behind any chemical residues.


We are Revolutionising the World of Water

Oxygen Radical Sprayer 50ml
Easy to use, small spray bottle. Standard USB Micro-B connector used for charging. Can make 50 ml of  sanitiser in 1 minute.
Oxygen Radical Sprayer 300 ml
Turns tap water in to a disinfectant. An excellent choice for cleaning surfaces.
Easy to use, mobile medium-sized spray bottle.
Mini Submerged EORG unit
Testing and development purposes. Disinfects 1 litre of drinking water per minute. Makes 1 litre of sanitiser in 5 minutes.
Medi Submerged EORG unit
Small scale applications. Disinfects 5 litre of drinking water per minute. Makes 5 litre of sanitiser in 5 minutes. The best in the class.
Maxi Submerged EORG unit
Small scale applications. Disinfects 5 litre of drinking water per minute. Makes 5 litre of sanitiser in 5 minutes. Amazingly fast it is!!

Changing the way of Disinfection

Disinfection and sanitisation are the new norm now with Covid-19 changing the way we live our lives. Our technologies include anti-microbial nano-coating, lighting systems and aqueous ozone generators for rapid sanitising and disinfection. These are non-allergenic and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical based cleaning and disinfection solutions.

We have exclusive dealership rights to products manufactured by EOD (www.eod.fi) who are a world leading Finnish innovation company that specialise in aqueous ozone-based purification technology. We also have the rights to develop their electrolysis cells into products specific for the markets we serve.

Applications are far and wide including domestic, cleaning, medical, farming, agriculture, food processing and aquaculture.



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