Aberdeenshire start-up hopes to shake-up cleaning industry in a bid to combat Covid-19

AN Inverurie-based company is hoping its newly launched “innovative” disinfectant is set to change the way people clean their homes, workplaces and public spaces – plus help play a role in the fight against Covid-19.

Novus CleanTech company director Beena Sharma and her team have developed Ogre, using Ozone technology which provides “a radical and sustainable” solution that will actively prevent bacteria, mildew, viruses and bad odours.

The agent destroys any existing pathogens, protozoa, biofilms, moulds and mildew without leaving behind any chemical residues.

The company, which was formed in May 2020, currently employs five staff and is hoping to take on a further three this year.   It projects its first year turnover to be £400,000.

Novus CleanTech said the technology for the new product has been endorsed in a study carried out by researchers at the University of West Scotland, who found the Ogre product offered a 99.999% effectiveness in destroying harmful pathogens, including a coronavirus surrogate.

The company has secured exclusive distribution rights to the innovation, developed by Finnish firm EOD, a world leader in aqueous and ozone-based purification technology.  The company believes that the significant advantages their products offer will lead to major benefits for both public health and for the environment.

Beena Sharma, company director, said: “Living through the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, we are all acutely aware of the importance of maintaining clean spaces. Sadly, many traditional cleaning solutions commonly used have downsides, in terms of limited effectiveness and in their harmful effect on the environment and the people who use them.

Beena Sharma, Director, Novus CleanTech Ltd

“The technology developed by EOD massively shifts the possibilities offered in cleaning technology, providing a solution that has not only been found to have high effectiveness, but also to be sustainable, environmentally friendly and non-harmful to humans.”