Ozone Technology

The unique EORG™ (Electrolysis Oxygen Radical Generator) cell converts Oxygen from water to ‘Ozone’ to create a disinfectant and has been tested by the University of West Scotland in Paisley successfully against E.Coli and Salmonella.

The project was funded by Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Funding Council. As well as being a powerful disinfectant, the same tech can provide people with safe drinking water. The applications are far and wide.


Ozonation of water is not a new idea. It is residue-free, and its antiseptic behaviour has been well known for some time. The French purified drinking water with ozonation in 1906. There has been over one hundred years to study the effects and utilisation possibilities of ozonated water, and there is no doubt about its efficiency.

The generalization of ozonated water however has not happened yet. This is mainly due to a lack of technology that can practically, compactly, safely, controllably, scalable, and still efficiently enough produce ozonated water. Like all technology, water ozonation technology has developed tremendously and it has now arrived on the eve of a revolution.

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